Ax-Caliber Coffee House – How to Brew

Ever wonder how to brew up an order from a coffee house and just do not know where to begin? Many of us enter a coffee house without a clue so to avoid sounding novice, we stick to what we know! But there is so much more than your typical iced or hot coffee – here is a quick tutorial!

Basics of a Coffee House

Coffee House deliciousness

To start with the basics, we have hot or iced coffee in all blends:

Ax-Blonde – Extra Light

22 Cal – Decaf Blend

9 mm – Breakfast Blend

45 Cal – Medium

357 Magnum – Dark

300 Blackout – Extra Dark

50 Cal – Espresso

Types of Brew

So, start with the blend then move on to the next stop. One quick tip you must know is that 50 Cal is our only espresso so if you order any espresso drink, that is the blend you will receive. All of our coffee is organic, locally roasted in Lakeland and brewed daily in house. Furthermore, each coffee has different caffeine levels, here it is in order from least to most (we offer decaf as well):



Cold Brew

Nitro Cold Brew

Ordering Made Easy

Now for the best part… ordering time. This is where your planning all comes to light and where, if you read this, the knowledge sets in:

Iced/Hot/Cold Brew Coffee – pick the milk percentage or cream and add flavoring (if you want)

Nitro Cold Brew – served similar to the ones above but does not contain ice and comes from a tap

Frappe – same as traditional coffee but blended together to create a wonderful icy combination of yumminess

Now comes the specialty drinks, that you always wondered about:

Latte – espresso with milk poured into it, holding the foam towards the top

Macchiato – milk poured before espresso to allow for the milk and espresso to mingle before drinking

Cappuccino – equal parts espresso to milk, prepared similar to a latte

Americano – equal parts espresso poured into equal parts water

Shot – espresso shot straight

You can try any of these items with flavoring! Luckily the seasonal hand-crafted coffees are limited, or we would be in trouble with that menu because who can go wrong with pumpkin spice or lavender vanilla… I mean, come on! I can smell the coffee as I am writing this and INSTANTLY want all the things!

Basically, the moral of the story is trying them all and see what you like because you honestly cannot go wrong at Ax-Caliber – the coffee is always an experience, and the axe throwing is just an added bullseye!