Ax-Caliber: Your New Favorite Restaurant

At Ax-Caliber, your new favorite restaurant in downtown Lakeland, we’re also more than just a place you can come to throw axes at! If you think you can only come here with an appointment for axe throwing, you’d be mistaken. Our doors are open throughout the day to offer a wide variety of delectable meals.

Let’s walk through our lunch and dinner menu shall we?

Your new favorite downtown Lakeland lunch spot


Tired of all the lunch spots that Lakeland has to offer? How about adding Ax-Caliber to your wheel of lunch choices every week? Our bistro lunch options are the perfect amount to keep you going through the rest of your workday.

The sunny atmosphere of Ax-Caliber makes it a nice choice for a midday lunch meet-up with friends and co-workers. Plus where else in Lakeland can you chuck an axe on your lunch break?

Our lunch menu has a little bit to offer everyone. Maybe you’re looking for a lighter, leafier lunch? Try one of our salads! Whether it’s the hearty Turkey Cobb, our sweeter Sweet Greens salad or the classic Caesar – our salads will not only fill you up but also taste great!

Maybe you’re more in the mood for a sandwich. Between our handles and paninis there’s a sandwich option for everyone. If you’re looking for a meaty, filling lunch options like Bring the Piggy Back and The Huntsman are sure to satisfy. If you still want a sandwich, but perhaps a more liter option the Oh My Veggies panini or the Target Turkey Pesto panini are great choices! Overall we have several handles and paninis to offer, all coming with an option of chips, coleslaw or fruit as a side.

If you didn’t think our salads and sandwiches were enough then try one of our two soups! We offer Du Jour and seasonal Chili by the cup and bowl. We even have homemade Turkey Pot Pie! Nothing says southern delight like a pot pie lunch!

Check out our full lunch menu and come grab a bite!

Spend a fun evening at Ax-Caliber


What’s more fun than meeting up with your friends to throw axes while enjoying a few rounds of beer and sharing an appetizer? We pride ourselves on creating a thrilling and fun atmosphere for you and your party.

Our dinner menu offers several different options for appetizers to share. While we offer classics like wings and onion rings we also have unique offerings like The Cone of Bacon and our Monte Cristo Sliders. All our apps will foster the feelings of a good time.

At Ax-Caliber we believe in the spirit that sharing is caring, therefore we also offer a variety of dips and flatbreads to share with your closest pals (or to keep for yourself, we won’t judge!)

Also making an appearance on our dinner menu are everyone’s favorite: fries! There are several combinations of tasty fry options you have to satiate that salty craving that only fries can satisfy.

Because we love them so much we also have two salads (Sweet Greens and Caesar) and two handles (Bring the Piggy Back and The Huntsman) making a reappearance on our dinner menu.

And if you didn’t think that was enough, nothing caps off an exciting evening out quite like dessert! Ice cream, donuts, and cookies, oh my! We have some seriously sweet desserts that you’ll be glad you indulged on.

Check out our dinner menu and come have some fun with us tonight!

We’re more than just an axe throwing joint

At Ax-Caliber we have a lot to offer. You may come expecting just axe throwing, but you’ll leave with a belly full of delicious food too! You don’t even have to throw axes to eat here, we want to become your new favorite lunch spot and your go-to hang out spot in the evening.

Lastly, your favorite restaurant in downtown Lakeland is located at 204 E. Orange Street Suite 102 – come throw an axe and grab a bite to eat!