Axe Throwing Tournaments

Are Axe Throwing Tournaments a Real Thing?

You bet that axe throwing tournaments are a real thing! Within the World Axe Throwing League, represented in 19 different countries, with over 157 league locations in the United States along; there is more than enough appetite for the friendly competition and family fun that axe throwing tournaments bring. The main elements of every axe-throwing competition are code of conduct, definition of fair sportsmanship, and the rules of gameplay.

Axe Throwing Competition Codes of Conduct

Whether you refer to the World Axe Throwing League or the International Axe-Throwing Federation, each takes a moment to outline very similar codes of conduct. Code of Conduct for ax throwing competition all agree on some of the following:

  • No discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, physical or mental ability, or religious beliefs will cause a competitor to be expelled from a tournament.
  • No behaviors which endanger the health or safety of any player, official, or spectator.
  • Not initiate a fight or scuffle with any individual at the event

With rules like these, you can tell that competition can get intense at a good tournament!

Axe Throwing Sportsmanship

Furthermore, every sport has disagreements between competitors. Axe throwing tournaments are the same! Having a professional level of sportsmanship ensures that everyone can enjoy the experience.

The phrase “be a good sport” applies to this sport, too. After all, you want to be welcome back to the venue to compete in the future. So be a great competitor and operate with solid sportsmanship.

Rules of Game Play

At every tournament, the rules may vary slightly. If the event is sponsored by one of the leading organizations in the axe throwing world, you can get their rules from their respective websites.

However, be sure to learn the rules of gameplay. They nearly always include clarification on important rules such as minimum age, warm-up throws, quality of targets, pauses in play and more.

Rules Like These Ensure Axe Throwing Tournaments Are Fun For Everyone

Finally, as the sport of axe throwing grows, the need for clear and consistent rules will be supremely important. Be sure to review the rules of the next venue where you compete. Learn the code of conduct, what is viewed as proper sportsmanship, and the rules of gameplay, and you will definitely ensure the growth of this awesome sport!