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We hope to answer your questions from our most commonly asked below.

How Much does it cost?

For a 1-hour session, as low as $28 per person, 1 + 1/2 Hour sessions are $35 and 2-hour sessions are $43 per person. The Virtual Range costs $20 per person for a 1/2-hour session or $30 per person for 1-hour. Discounts can be applied to larger groups of 13+.

Is there an age limit?

You must be at least 18 to participate. Kids aged 12 and up will be permitted with a parent or guardian’s supervision – at the Axe Venue manager’s discretion.  The Virtual Gun Range is 9 yrs and up – at the manager’s discretion. 

Can I make a reservation?

You can book online up to four hours in advance of your time of arrival. We cannot guarantee walk-in availability but they are accepted when spots are open.

I have a large group, are there discounts?

If you are trying to plan an event for a group of 14+ please contact us directly via phone or email at to secure your event. We will also go over the discounting based on the group size. 

Is it ok just to watch? Are pictures ok?

You may watch active sessions to see if it is something you would like to do but, you must remain behind the perimeter tables as those are reserved for the guests of the actual session. Finally, once you are comfortable, sign up to play! 

Take as many pictures as you would like! We only ask that you tag us using #AxCaliber on social media platforms. Finally, follow us on our social media! Support local! 

How long does it usually take?

Typical sessions last between 1-2 hours. We encourage you to arrive 15 minutes prior to getting checked in and complete your waiver ahead of time to make full use of your time throwing. The safety and training for axe throwing can take 15-25 minutes depending on group size and how quickly people catch on to the sport.

What should I wear?

All guests are required to wear closed-toed shoes to participate. But, for everything else, wear whatever you are comfortable with. If you do not have closed-toed shoes you will not be permitted to participate. In addition, we do have some closed-toed crocs available but, they are not guaranteed so it is always best to bring your own!

Is it safe?

Safety is the number one priority. You are in a controlled environment with a coach overseeing your activity for the duration of your visit to ensure safety is adhered to. Each guest will be briefed on proper techniques and procedures before they can participate. Last, if any participant in a session does not follow rules and becomes a safety hazard, we reserve the right to ask that guest to cease throwing and they will not receive a refund.

Do you serve food and drinks?

We have a fully operating kitchen with a diverse menu that you can order from as well as an ever-rotating selection of beers and wine, and other beverages like soda and water. Check out our menu! We are an Axe Throwing Venue and Coffee House! 

How is your coffee?

Our coffee is organic and has no additives – this way we can keep a natural taste. All of our coffee is roasted locally to Lakeland and brewed at Ax-Caliber! We have blond to extra dark coffee and also have our own beer brand out of our 300 blackout! Last, come check us out at our Axe Throwing Coffee House, you won’t be disappointed! 

What is your cancellation policy?

You must cancel within 24 hours of your scheduled session. You will receive either a refund or a credit for later use – based on our discretion. In addition, when you book with us, you will see our cancellation policy then. 

Do you offer other discounts?

SERVICE MEMBERS (Military and First Responders) IN UNIFORM:

  • FREE cup of coffee
  • 50% off their meal, does not include beer or wine

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