From Booking to Axe Throwing: What to Expect at Ax-caliber

Axe throwing at Ax-Caliber? First off, great choice! We think we host a fun and safe environment for anyone to throw axes.  From booking to throwing the first axe, this is what you can expect when scheduling an axe throwing lane at Ax-Caliber.

We offer 5 for 5 which is 5 minutes of coaching and 5 minutes of free axe throwing to see if you like it! Only offered during non-peak hours, test it out while eating lunch. Axe throwing opens at 12 pm.

Step 1: Decide How Long You Want for Axe Throwing

The shortest time slot we offer is a 1-hour walk-in only throwing reservation for $28 per person. We also offer 2-hour throwing reservations for $43 per person, reservation only.

Step 2: Book Your Lane or Swing on By for Axe Throwing!

If you know you want to do a 1-hour walk-in booking, then we would suggest calling ahead to see how busy lanes are. You won’t be able to book your lane until you arrive – but at least calling ahead to see how busy we are will help gauge whether or not you’ll be able to book a lane.

If you know you want to do a 2-hour booking, you can book your lane online or call ahead at 863-593-3500 to let us know the date and time you’d like to reserve.

Step 3: Arrive Early for Your Booking

You’ll want to make full use of your booking at Ax-Caliber and arrive 15 minutes early to your lane booking. That way, getting checked-in and completing your waiver form won’t get in the way of your throwing time – fill it out ahead of time here.

Step 4: Safety Training

The first 15-25 minutes of your booking will be taught by one of our “ax-perts!” This is to make sure everyone knows the proper technique in throwing an axe and stays safe! If your group is able to catch on quick, sometimes the training can take less time. Rest assured you’re still getting to throw axes and play the games the ax-perts have for you! 

Step 5: Have an Absolute BLAST Throwing Axes

Now it is time for you and your group to enjoy the rest of your booking throwing axes! We hope that you will have the best time together and challenging one another on your axe throwing skills. While you’re at it, grab some food off our menu or a beer or wine to round out your experience.

So there you have it! Those are the 5 steps everyone takes from booking to throwing an axe at Ax-Caliber. If you have further questions about scheduling or our process – feel free to contact us through our website or give us a call at 863-592-3500. We hope you’ll visit us soon at Ax-Caliber!