Menu Guide: Little Axers Kids Menu

At Ax-Caliber we strive to create an atmosphere that’s fun and family friendly – including the little ones! While adults have a wide variety of food and drink options to choose from, we make sure we include a kids menu that they are sure to love. In this post we want to share with you the options your kids have to enjoy when dining at Ax-Caliber.

Little Axers Lunch and Dinner Menu

We understand that your 5-year-old probably isn’t craving a hummus board, caesar salad or BLT that’s why we have the Little Axers menu! When you come and eat at our place your child will have a handful of options they can choose from to eat.

Grilled Cheese: Our Grilled Cheese sandwich for little axers is full of that cheesy, ooey-gooey goodness that kids love.

PB&J: What’s more classic than a PB&J sandwich? Your kids will love our take on the classic American favorite with loads of sticky peanut butter and sweet grape jam.

Chicken Nuggets: Children everywhere rejoice! Have you met a kid who doesn’t love chicken nuggets? We haven’t either! Which is why we knew having this kid-approved dish would make it their favorite restaurant.

Flatbread Cheese Pizza: If you have a kid who wants something less “kids menu”, our Flatbread Cheese Pizza is right up their alley. Made with the same ingredients we use for our Flatboards – your child will feel like a “big kid” enjoying their (fun-sized) flatbread pizza.

Next, all our Little Axers can pick one of the following sides: a choice of fruit, chips, coleslaw, or applesauce. Also, every kids menu item is served with a drink.

Little Axers Beverage Kids Menu

In addition to your Little Axers entree, kids can choose from a selection of beverages to accompany their meal. Our kid-approved drink options are: apple juice carton, milk, chocolate milk, and orange juice.

All beverages can also be swapped out for a kids sized soda!

Ax-Caliber has a Menu for the Whole Family

Lastly, while we agree that Ax-Caliber truly shines as the unique date night spot or the fun evening hangout with friends – we also want to make sure any family feels welcome in our establishment. Part of the way we try to do this is by offering our Little Axers kids menu. For $6 you get your kids menu entree, a side and drink as well!

Next time you’re going out as a family, come eat at Ax-Caliber! We can’t wait to meet and serve your family. If you’re curious about all our options, check out our full menu!