Ax-Caliber IPSC simulation being used by a customer

Virtual Range

Practice Your Shooting Skills at Ax-Caliber

Ax-Caliber has four simulators powered by Smokeless Range technology to enjoy for shooters of all degrees of capabilities. Target shooting, Moving + Reactive Targets, Competition Courses, and even Live Self Defense Scenarios available. Choose from fully virtual or live-recoiling handguns and rifles.

Save on Ammunition Costs

100+ Scenarios to Choose From

Valuable Marksmanship Training

Learn Self + Home Defense

Unlimited Ammo, Need We Say More?

Get ready to stop the Zombie Invasion! Our facility offers a 21st Century approach to firearms training. The Smokeless Range Simulators have an impressive selection of games to choose from for casual or serious shooters. Completely safe and staffed by USCCA Instructors and Veterans/LEO to get you on target!

Pricing Information

  • 1/2 Hour sessions are $20 + Tax per person
  • 1 Hour sessions are $30 + Tax per person
  • Unlimited Use of Electronic Handguns supplied with the range fee
  • Walk-ins are available on a first come first serve basis

Get an Immersive Shooting Experience

Our recoil-enabled handguns and rifles are built to provide the shooter with a safe way to feel the cycling of a normal firearm. Built on popular platforms such as the Glock 17, Sig P320, 2011, AR-15, or SCAR-H. This is an effective and safe way to train your marksmanship to the next level!

Pricing Information

  • Recoil upgrades are optional: Handguns are $5 per rental, Rifles are $10
  • Two magazines supplied with each rental (100 Shots total)
  • Refill your gas magazine for $3/handgun or $5/rifle each (50 Shots per mag)
  • Electronic AR-style rifles with unlimited shots for $10
  • Rifles outfitted with Red-Dot sights to increase accuracy and fun!

Professional USCCA Course Offerings

We host Concealed Carry + Home Defense Fundamentals curriculum fully certified for Florida CCW permits. Trained by Certified USCCA instructors with years of instructing experience. Learn to defend yourself and your loved ones using our Live-Scenarios and full recoil systems for a complete self-defense experience.

Pricing Information

  • CCW Course offered at $90 per student
  • Free Drinks and Snacks included
  • Basic Handgun Course Coming Soon!
  • Countering the Mass Shooter Threat Coming Soon!
  • Real Estate Agent Safety Coming Soon!

Have an Ax-ceptional time with us at Ax-Caliber

Join us with family, friends, or co-workers

Book in advance to secure your spot in the largest and most popular spot in downtown Lakeland. Our Ax-Perts and Range staff will ensure you have a memorable experience unlike anything else. Our Baristas and servers will keep you refreshed and satisfied during your visit!