What is Ax-Throwing?

What is Axe Throwing?

Axes are one of the oldest tools and weapons in the world. Although ax-throwing did not exist until long after axes were already being used and competitions did not show up until even further in ax history. In the last 20 years of lumberjack sports, ax throwing has emerged as a unique pastime for many people.

What does it look like?

When you see an axe throwing venue, it looks similar to a rustic bowling alley with lanes separating each person for safety. Large wooden targets stand at the end of each lane. The axes are more of a handheld size like hatchets. There are generally two ways to throw, one-handed or two-handed, but there are always experts there to guide new throwers.

This may be the first you are hearing of it, but axe throwing is a real sport that even has tournaments on ESPN that get broadcasted live.

Is it for everyone?

Think of darts or bowling but more thrilling. This sport makes a fun get together for friends, families, the office, or even by yourself during a lunch break. The axe throwing venue is a place to hang out like no other. Complete with pool tables, big-screen TVs, and other games this can be a unique experience for parties and corporate events that stands out from the rest.

What else is there?

Aside from all the games and the main event, axe throwing, AX-Caliber has amazing food, beer & wine, and Caliber Coffee! Caliber Coffee has 6 different blends along with apparel and gear.